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By Unknown - September 28, 2014

Went Sentosa with my girls on Friday night. Those who are young like us or those young in heart , consider walking in ( $1 ) paying by Ez-link instead of taking the trams ( $3 ) and i guess taking trams also cant see much of night scenery ! 
I manage to persuade my girls to walk and even though the walking distance is about 15 minutes , in return there is nice scenery to take picture ! 

Here are some of the photos taken while walking in to Sentosa . Crazy idea just come into the girls mind . Next time can come with your other half ... Nice place to chill . For me , i don't think i will like it , as i prefer to walk around more . Maybe can walk in a park : ) i love that totally ! When my girls read this , they confirm say i weird one. ( what's New ) ?

Didn't know that at night Sentosa can look so nice ! I seldom come Sentosa at night and when i am looking at this , i remember that my daddy was asking me how much the hotel cost near the USS ? I told him should be quite expensive since is a tourist place ! Or maybe somehow USS & Hotel management read my blog and decided to sponsored me ? Haha ! I very thick skin hor ! Don't worry , i am not always like that one LOL ! Shall think of Family outing soon at Sentosa : D . Its always so heart warming to see the happy smile at my family face and last week they went USS and show me the photo ! So sweet , how i wish i can be there with them too ! Because i been looking forward ! 

Finally i am in Sentosa ! 
First thing to do is to take out my baby to start taking  pictures ! 

Thanks RY for bringing me as plus 1 . I didnt manage to RSVP on time because i am sick and also partly forget about the deadline ! I was quite disappointed too as my first experience at other museum was not that good that i would want to go in again and i hope this one will be good . Told my girls that this one should have standard since is at Sentosa ! Looking forward to enter in ! 

My girls and myself ! Group photo at one of the huge banner display
outside Trick Eye Museum Singapore .

I knew them through blogger events and i am glad that till today we still stay in contract ! We are still as close as last time . We laugh like no tomorrow even though people around us , looking at us at a very weird expression ! We talk about guys and always the same result , they worry about me , always want to introduce guys ! But i have someone in mind le
<3 . Haha ! 

Yay ! We are going in ! 
Can't wait man to see what is in for us ! 

Going in this 'Dustbin' ops i mean cute bin got to be extra careful , if not you might knock your head . So what i did is ? When i exist , i make sure i got hand to be on the edge of the bin so that if i knock , i will hit onto my hand instead . Its was really fun , even though is just the first picture . 

Was thinking that posing crazy expression is much more easier for me compare to just smiling , because a lot of people say when i smile , looks quite fake ! Haha ! Maybe crazy expression suits my personality more ! So continue to scroll down to see more crazy photo ! Trust me , you will enjoy viewing it ! 

I wanted to do the same thing but i am wearing tights and a bit ugly ! So this pose
just come into my mind like this ! Totally love it ! I love how daring i am ! Just express it out without caring about anything : D 
Oh yeah , also must mention something . Don't think dragon-boater or someone like me who 
only in the world of sports and there is nothing else. Last time , i am in Cheerleading one hor ! 
Don't play play ! That can be the reason why , my expression is endless ! All like last warning only ! 

I love you people who is reading my blog <3 ! 
Those who don't read , aiya i also love you people , hater included too ! 

Like a cool only ! Don't play punk with me Hor ! 
Later both of them will come flip you like a Prata ! 

When i have no idea where to stand , the girls ask me to stand in between them and say that i am the third party . Hmm , from the picture i don't think they are affected , they don't seems to care about me at all :( But i am still smiling happily ! 

Its just the beginning of Trick Eye Museum Singapore !
Let the journey officially began ! 

How to miss a group photo together . Even though is night time at Sentosa when we visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore , at least we can have a beach photo together , enjoying like a princess . The funny thing is one of the girl ask another girl saying : " Can you pass me some grapes ?" HAHA ! 

Let's take turn to be boy and girl ! This Jess worn an wedges that make her very tall ! 
Here i am when i am standing on the guy side , my cheek kinda of stuck there and i was like hurry up take the photo and i am coming down ! Indeed that guy section is for guy to be there , it is not meant for girls ! 

I know should be an couple shot ! But friend shot also can what ? 
Got to have fun together. So when you go down with your friend , just don't care only ! 
Just take picture ! As much as you can ! 

This is one of my favorite photo ! 

I was telling the girls that , i realize when i am smiling normally , it does not look nice and to the extend people say i fake smile :( . Looking through all my photo i realize making crazy expression make me express my feeling and showing it out my character too ! But of cos not always , if not people who don't know me well,  will say i CRAZY -_- ! what's new right ? 

 Just keep smiling when the things around you are going up's and down's. 

Thought of some great caption when i see this picture : 

"  Arrrr. Can you all just stop taking picture ?
Can't you see an shark is approaching me , till i do not even dare to move a single step ! 
Anyone there ? "

It is so comfortable that all i want is to lie down on it and sleep maybe ! Btw , when i was doing this a lot of people was watching . I just got to be thick skin for a moment to produce such photo . So when you come Trick Eye Museum Singapore , you must be thick skin . If you scare this and that , it will be tough for you to have nice and interesting picture ! 

Like what ? 
You want me pose like you girls ? 
Hmm ok , i try ! 

How do i look like ? 
Same like them , ma ? 

I am really trying my best to pose the best that i can ! Those who really know all these moves , it will be better ! I think you will produce even better photos than me ! 

My kind of ballet that i will do ! 
Just be who i am : l 

I find this disgusting :x 
The action just does not match my everything , but with the thick skin of mine , i will still pose it ! You all enjoy seeing this side of mine right ? If not keep saying i very Boy :( I like to dress up myself , cool and sporty , but of cos for special occasions i will want to dress up with dressing to look beautiful and cool at the same time . Wahahaha : D 

Don' t be shocked to see me say all these things. If you know me personally , i can be super boy and super girly at times ! Depends on mood and who i hang out too ! In this case , enjoy with my girls at Trick Eye Museum Singapore , i prefer to go in both style ! 

Just accept me for who i am ba ! 

Ok ? 
Lol ! 

First time being in the circus. 

Trying to pose like him . 
Pass a not,  my facial expression and my pose

Rare to have a group photo together because quite ma fan , keep asking people to take picture for us . Therefore , we only choose a few for group photos ! 

When i see this broom , first thing come into my mind was a witch always sit on the broom and what expression should i give ? I just anyhow until my girls actually told me how i should pose ! Hmmm trips for you : you need to have good friends who will tell you to do this and that because you cant see and also need someone who take nice photo :x 
why i say that ? Because i kana say by all my girls :( 

When i am late for meet up , i will inform the person that i am flying over ! This can actually describe how it will look like when i fly ! 
Maybe only in my dream ! 

Woohoo i am floating ! 

Pose credit to Jess 
if not later she come and claim the copyright fee from me and i don't have that much of money to pay her Haha ! 

When i see this , the whole thing was like so princess ! I should feel very princess and trying my best to bring out the feel out of it and i guess it does not work . 

See this face is more like , don' know how should i react . 

Aiya , don't know what to react so just smile 

Tired to just smile normally . 

Should have my crazy expression : D 
it makes the whole looks so awesome ! 

How i look like with a face of mine in a baby body ? I should change my head with my left because my body is more tan and not fair at all. 

Love me , will you ? Mr ...... 

If you did follow on my instagram , i did share something i told my friend . I was telling him i am going to Sentosa during evening . People go in the bright day for suntan and i go in the evening for Moontan ! Since this photo just describe just right for this conversation , that's why decided to use this as my caption ! 
Very creative HOR ! 

" Becareful , let me hold you " . 

Life is all about bbalancing: D 
Despite having tough days , you will still keep on trying to smile and thinking the brighter side ! My facial expression totally can tell you people i am trying my best to smile. 

" I also never do anything wrong , why you scold me ? " 

" Just now , damn shiok ah . Keep scolding me non stop ! Now not only i will scold you but i will kick you too " ! 

Ops ! For kids , please don't do that when your friend scold you ok . I do this is just for fun purpose : D 

Woohoo , here we go ! 

Help me , the dinosaur have capture me even thou i am wearing an tiger top :( 
Someone help me ! 
Lol ! Side track a bit , the face like a last warning only ! 

Like a model only ! 

By this timing , i started to feel very tired and my energy run out super fast ! About 1 hour later at 9pm , i started to be lazy to take picture ! But nevertheless , i still manage to take tons a lot of photos ! In total , i have 158 pictures ! 

Overall , i really enjoy myself ! 

See all the endless happiness facial expression i have in most of the photos ! I would 
give my experience to Trick Eye Museum Singapore an 9/10 ! THUMBS UP ! 
I like the different themes which enable people to express themselves freely and it is a good opportunity for us to post it on Instagram and write something to motivate people & brightening their day ! I bet seeing all these photo you will tempt to want to experience yourself ! Hurry grab your friends , family or your partner down for some photo fun time ! I would recommend you to bring down camera stand so that you will not need to trouble people to take picture for you and you can always have group pictures too ! 

Trick Eye Museum Singapore ticket selling @ $25 / Adult , $20 / Child & Senior Citizens !
They operate from 10 am - 9pm Monday to Sunday . 

Hope you enjoy your time at Trick Eye Museum Singapore & If possible leave a comment below to share with me , your experience ! 

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