Sunday, May 07, 2017

Star Wars Run Singapore 2017

Star Wars Run Singapore 2017 
6 May 2017 
@ Gardens by the bay 

I am feeling super excited and nervous at the same time as this is the first time I will be pacing. I did share with some of my friends that pacing is actually one of my goal that I want to achieve this year and I would like to thank #Coffeetearunners for the opportunity ! 
Thanks Lincoln for trusting me ! 

* Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored or paid post 

All prepared with my Official Pacer tee and not forgetting the 80 mins pacer balloons ! 
Look at how happy am I ! 

Love will be pacing for 60 min group !
He is no stranger to pacing :) 

Today is actually our 15 monthsary since 060514 where he pop that question to ask me to be his girlfriend at Gardens by the bay ! After 15 months we are here again :) Just want to thank you for always being by my side during my ups and downs especially during my exam stress period ! The journey with you is always fun and always feel so loved by you. Thanks for filling my love tank and looking forward to more running and pacing with you ! Pacing for the same event but not the same timing group . I don't want to kill myself HAHA ! 

Esther and Myself !
Thanks for accepting the invitation to come and join as a pacer with #Coffeetearunners 
 for Star Wars Run ! Thanks for your constant encouragement and I look forward to more pacing together ! No more seeing each other only on weekends but weekdays too ! 

All of us in the same ministry in church and this photo shows
 why we are not in church on Saturday ! 

Wei Xuan and Love 

Pacers are all getting ready with their balloons tie on them 

Helping each other 

We have different pacing group.
1hr, 1hr10mins and 1hr20mins ! 

Lincoln gather all the pacers and do a quick briefing before we head off to do warm up 
then slowly walk over to the starting point ! 

Yay ! All ready at the starting point ! 

There is dark and light side ! Which side are you at ? 
For me I am cheering for the Dark side ! 
Woohooo ! Totally excited about it and don't know what to expect too . 

Here comes the Chewbacca from the light side ! 

Everyone was cheering and busy taking picture 

Not only the crowd is excited but I am excited too and took picture of them too ! 
Cheering and screaming loudly ! 

The dark side - Kylo Ren 

And then just the character guess what ? 
The first time in the whole running history before we kick start the run, there is Fireworks ! I have not seen Fireworks in run before. It was really a wow experience and unforgettable moment that I will remember ! 

10 km pacing for 80 minutes ! 

Once the starter horn, that is when I click start on my Garmin watch. 
Cheering from the start and the feeling of running in a group is fun. Able to encourage all the Star Wars runner and being biased to cheer more to our Dark side runners. Good to hear from the runners replying back our encouragement and some of them even cheer for us pacer . No words can describe how I feel. It is just very different and the joy you have. The whole run wasn't easy too because as a pacer we have to keep in pace and we cannot stop. Even when we take water, we cannot even drink properly and we have to run and drink ! The tiredness kick it when reaches 7 km and I just have to keep cheering and keep running ! The last lap we just run all the way to the finishing line and everyone was cheering for us ! This is the first time I have experience in a run is that when we are inside the tent-age where we collect our drink, banana and medal everyone was cheering and the atmosphere is so high and happy ! I have never never never experience this kind of feeling before. Feel a great sense of achievement and I hope all the runners enjoy themselves like I do :) 

Good Job to Dark Side pacers for 1hr 20mins whom run along side with me 

Dark Side pacers 

#Coffeetearunners pacers for Star Wars Run Singapore 2017 ! 
Cheers to a successful event and see you guys next training ! 

Good Job Edison on completing your 10 km run and sorry for not saying hi back to you because I am not wearing spec and I cannot see anyone faces unless you call out my name and stand near me 
then confirm plus chop I wont miss you one. 

Thanks Chun Peng for the photo and those lights look nice on you :) 

 Pacing half way through and I heard someone calling out my name. Turn back and I was happy to see Wei Shan running for Star wars and she damn effort ! Still come to the tent to look for me and it's great to do some catch up before meeting up for a long chat during lunch since both of us work quite near. Was amazed how running can bring forth new friendship :) 

Star Wars fans getting ready for the movie to start. 
 How cool is it to enjoy a movie you like in an outdoor environment . 
Not watching with stranger but the same star wars friend :) 
I believe through this run, people will get to know some new friends as they share a common interest and they tend to be able to click really well ! 

Lot of booth selling food and also got booth giving out free yogurt and coconut drink !
 I am not a fan of coconut drink but after trying it while running I fall in love with it. 
At the end, I drank total 2 bottle of Coconut drink ! UFC Refresh 100%  Natural Coconut Water !

Last but not least the healthy and yummy blueberry yogurt ! 

Looking forward to next run and next pacing opportunity :) 

If you are interested in joining Coffeetearunners every Thursday, feel free to email me at or leave your email at the comment below 
and I will get back to you ! 

Friday, May 05, 2017

Hoka One One Arahi Demo Run

Thanks Lincoln from #Coffeetearunners for the invitation for me to join the Hoka One One Arahi Demo Run ! It was held at Running Lab at Marina Square - 6 Raffles Boulevard 02-26 Singapore 039594 

Change into my Official Pacer running top ! If you still unaware , this coming Saturday which mean tomorrow I will be pacing for Star Wars Run Sg 10km for 1 hour 20 minutes group ! If you are running for Star Wars Run please come and join the pacers to achieve your desired personal best timing ! Remember if you spot me , feel free to come take picture with me ! I won't bite ! If 1hr20mins is way too slow for you, don't worry because we have 1hr and 1hr10min pace too ! We will have balloons so that you can spot us easily ! 

New launch - Hoka One One Arahi 
Different colors for Males and Females runners 

Everyone knows that I am not a fan of pink color stuff regardless of what kind of shades ! But guess what ? I fall in love with the color after seeing it and it is very rare as I think that pink is too girly for me. If you are a extreme anti pink, no worries because they have another available colors too that you can choose from ! I cannot wait to wear it for a short run later. Scroll down to read my review on Hoka One One Arahi running shoes ! 

Happy boy trying out his Hoka One One Arahi 
The colour is I choose for him one :p 

He is also the pacer for the 10km Star Wars SG run ! 
Follow him if you want :) 

I am all ready to run and waiting for him to be ready too ! 

#Coffeetearunners wearing Hoka One One Arahi 
Pacer ready to set off ! 

Brief ✔
Warm-up ✔
Everyone is all ready to go 

I am in love with my Garmin 235 ! 
Finally I can run in peace because everything is in place. 
I still remember the first time when I use it, I just click start to get the GPS ready and didn't know that I need to click again to start off the timing and only to realize it after finish running 1km ! Secondly, is that my unit for the distance and pace is in the messy and it totally spoil the whole run ! After this two bad experiences, I have learn how to adjust it accordingly and making sure that my watch is all ready for the race. We are supposed to run 5km but at the end we ran almost 4km ! Just nice to prepare my cross country tomorrow morning ! Hopefully I can get a better timing than my usual run. 

During the run, I manage to talk to a few runners talking about the shoes and upcoming marathon. Of cos not forgetting to invite them to our running group called the Coffeetearunners ! Our training is on every Thursday at Vivo City Area. If you want to join us, do feel free to email me at ! 

After running, we head back to Running Lab to listen to Lincoln sharing more about 
Hoka One One Arahi. 

My personal review on Hoka One One Arahi

My feet is not suitable for normal running shoes because of my feet arch. Therefore, I need to find a shoes whereby there is a lot of support and at the same time it is light. The current running shoes I have has good support but it is very heavy. I do not just run by lifting up my own leg but also the weight of the shoes. That is why when I tried this Hoka One One Arahi I can really feel the different and it is super dude comfort. The support is good too. People who have feet arch problem can actually try Hoka One One Arahi

* Disclaimer: Personal views - this is not a paid / sponsored post 

Love from Clement & Tiffany 

See you guys at Star Wars Run tomorrow 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2nd year celebrating Valentine Day with Love

This is our second year celebrating Valentine Day together!  
 This year it will fall on a Tuesday. I am quite sad because is a working day and I want to do something different instead of just meet up for Movie or Dinner. So I tell him that why not head down to Sentosa for an Adventure date! I have nothing against people who watch movie or having candlelight dinner during Valentine day because personally I love watching Movie and eating but this time round just want to do something that we normally won't do.   

Thanks Dear for waiting for me to end my training and this poor boy have to carry my stuff :( Inside my bag is full of training stuff, laptop, books and his stuff too! I wanted to carry but he insist of carrying it. Sweet boy! Thanks dear, if not I think the next day I will suffer from a backache!

 Our first couple photo to kick off the day !

 Thank God that the counter staff at the other side allow us to put our bag and paddle as it is impossible for us to bring it up with us during the rides. we are at Skyline Luge. Luge and Skyline is $18 each person. Going up and sliding down. If you want to know more, you can check it out at their website: 

 Check this out while waiting to collect the ticket 

 Excited for the ride 

 TI must be super careful when I take out my phone to take picture of us. I only took picture when it is heading upwards and at the same time holding him tightly. Regardless of my background in the outdoor field, I am still afraid of heights and water. Please don't ask me why because I myself also don't know. Even though, I am afraid I still want to do it. In total, the ride is about 3 - 5 minutes. Quite fast and I really enjoy the ride with him. It is so peacefully and relax to enjoy the scenery of Sentosa. 

 Feel like a kid again!  

 TDear is super fast, after we are seated nicely he quickly take picture before we head down. I can see that he is super excited and he can't wait to head off with full speed. He is not afraid of anything except that black small flying creature. HAHA! He didn't brake at all when we ride down the slope and he keep asking me to release and enjoy the speed. I did release a bit but not fully. Both of us really enjoy ourselves and seriously both of us don't mind coming back again just for this ! 

We are supposed to play laser tag at Fort Siloso but the staff told us that by 4pm if there is no one here to play, both of us will need to play ourselves. So at the end, Dear say don't want and we head off to another place. We went to walk around Fort Siloso whereby the showcase a lot of World War II. Even though it is board daylight, entering into the room to view those wax can be very scary too. I just walk very close and near to Dear as I scare something somehow just pop out of nowhere to scare me. I think the reason why I am so scare about all these wax is because I remember during the primary or secondary school, my teacher bought our class here and we are been placed in a 'real life situation' where the enemies really point gun on your head to force you to say out the secret code if not he will open fire which in case he won't la because at the end I remember the student did tell him the code. It is damn scary because they acted very real and till now the memories is still fresh inside of me. I didn't take any picture of that area, I just went to view those history moment and read the history stated there on the board.  

After that, we went to the 11 Storey Fort Siloso Skywalk! This sky walk must be newly built because the last time I came over, there is no Skywalk. From the Skywalk, we can see underwater world, Siloso Beach, the different hotel in Sentosa and not forgetting the USS!

Smiling at this photo right now while I am typing.
Just thankful that God placed you in my life! 

Just ask him pose for fun! Too bad he has to do what his girlfriend ask him: p  
Plus at the same time, his girlfriend like to take picture of him too!

I totally have no idea what am I pointing to, all I know is that the wind is  
Very big and my hair is super messy. But I don't care because this messy 
 hair can prove that it is really windy. 

 Childhood Memories - Underwater World 

 Pardon my messy hair because I have no patient to wait for the wind to stop and take picture again ! 
I am starting to get tired and I just want to hurry up head down to Sea Aquarium to rest ! 

Yay ! Finally here at Sea Aquarium! 
Check out more about the pricing here at the website here:

 The price is stated as shown on the screen 

 Boyfriend is having fun striking different poses

 Dear is super strong ! 
Need to carry all my heavy stuff and still have the energy to play around like a boy! 
Salute you, my commander boyfriend! 

 Here we go 

Scroll down for more picture of the fishes found inside: 

It looks like mini shark but it is not. I have totally no idea what it is. 
Look at the one on the top, it looks like staring at me

I want to bring home to cook and prepare my dinner 
It looks super yummy!

 Finding Nemo 

 Look Alike Dolphin 

 I just want to spend time with you and have you by my side will be good enough ! 

 Jelly Fish and King Crab 

 Ever since he step into Sea Aquarium area, his eyes is set on the Gelato and finally we finish walking. 
He is still thinking whether to eat anot because I am still coughing. 
At the end, He still give it in to his craving and we ahead to order! 

 Heading to visit Sentosa Merlion ! Check out the pricing List at : 

It is a nice background to take a picture.  

Too bad only both of us is around if not I will request someone to take for us!  

That's all for our sun-date! 


On Valentine day, Dear surprised me by showing up at Clementi MRT station with a paper bag. I was in shocked and surprise until I don't know how to express myself and plus he is also rushing to work! I thought he woke up early because he has a lot of work to clear. This boyfriend really very sweet! Woke up 5am or 5.30am to prepare breakfast and fruits for me! The star fruit he actually learn from You-tube how to cut and at the same time the sour plum powder is home-made one. I am really blessed! Thank God for you! 

 After Work, we meet before heading down to the restaurant that I told him I want to go. I saw my friend visit the restaurant and wrote that it is very nice. The Concept is something like Seafood in a bag. I always wanted to try but did not have that opportunity. So since there is a great deal, why not just go there and give it a try? No harm right? By the way, it is a halal restaurant ! So everyone also can come and try ! 

301 Canberra Road Home Team NS
During weekdays, there is no need for reservation. Only during weekend is needed. 
Check out more about them @

 Only $19.50 per set! 
Super affordable compare to the rest that I can find! 

  We ordered two sets (Minimum Order) and we only be able to choose 1 sauce only ! 
We ordered salted egg - additional $2. In the end, we ordered one more rice because there is still seafood left for us to go with the rice. For me personally, I think the portion is just nice and I won't feel too hungry or too full, it is just nice. At the same time, both of us need to save our stomach and head down to eat LLAOLLAO before ending our date ! 

A lot of people around me say that aiyo you guys are still in the "honeymoon" period that's why he send you home to the west area even though he is staying in the far east. Let me proudly announced that till today 1 year 2 month together, he is still sending me back to my door step! Other than this, I also want to say thank you for loving me despite of all my flaws and I am looking forward to more Valentine day with you ! 
Thank You Dear !