Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2nd year celebrating Valentine Day with Love

This is our second year celebrating Valentine Day together!  
 This year it will fall on a Tuesday. I am quite sad because is a working day and I want to do something different instead of just meet up for Movie or Dinner. So I tell him that why not head down to Sentosa for an Adventure date! I have nothing against people who watch movie or having candlelight dinner during Valentine day because personally I love watching Movie and eating but this time round just want to do something that we normally won't do.   

Thanks Dear for waiting for me to end my training and this poor boy have to carry my stuff :( Inside my bag is full of training stuff, laptop, books and his stuff too! I wanted to carry but he insist of carrying it. Sweet boy! Thanks dear, if not I think the next day I will suffer from a backache!

 Our first couple photo to kick off the day !

 Thank God that the counter staff at the other side allow us to put our bag and paddle as it is impossible for us to bring it up with us during the rides. we are at Skyline Luge. Luge and Skyline is $18 each person. Going up and sliding down. If you want to know more, you can check it out at their website: 

 Check this out while waiting to collect the ticket 

 Excited for the ride 

 TI must be super careful when I take out my phone to take picture of us. I only took picture when it is heading upwards and at the same time holding him tightly. Regardless of my background in the outdoor field, I am still afraid of heights and water. Please don't ask me why because I myself also don't know. Even though, I am afraid I still want to do it. In total, the ride is about 3 - 5 minutes. Quite fast and I really enjoy the ride with him. It is so peacefully and relax to enjoy the scenery of Sentosa. 

 Feel like a kid again!  

 TDear is super fast, after we are seated nicely he quickly take picture before we head down. I can see that he is super excited and he can't wait to head off with full speed. He is not afraid of anything except that black small flying creature. HAHA! He didn't brake at all when we ride down the slope and he keep asking me to release and enjoy the speed. I did release a bit but not fully. Both of us really enjoy ourselves and seriously both of us don't mind coming back again just for this ! 

We are supposed to play laser tag at Fort Siloso but the staff told us that by 4pm if there is no one here to play, both of us will need to play ourselves. So at the end, Dear say don't want and we head off to another place. We went to walk around Fort Siloso whereby the showcase a lot of World War II. Even though it is board daylight, entering into the room to view those wax can be very scary too. I just walk very close and near to Dear as I scare something somehow just pop out of nowhere to scare me. I think the reason why I am so scare about all these wax is because I remember during the primary or secondary school, my teacher bought our class here and we are been placed in a 'real life situation' where the enemies really point gun on your head to force you to say out the secret code if not he will open fire which in case he won't la because at the end I remember the student did tell him the code. It is damn scary because they acted very real and till now the memories is still fresh inside of me. I didn't take any picture of that area, I just went to view those history moment and read the history stated there on the board.  

After that, we went to the 11 Storey Fort Siloso Skywalk! This sky walk must be newly built because the last time I came over, there is no Skywalk. From the Skywalk, we can see underwater world, Siloso Beach, the different hotel in Sentosa and not forgetting the USS!

Smiling at this photo right now while I am typing.
Just thankful that God placed you in my life! 

Just ask him pose for fun! Too bad he has to do what his girlfriend ask him: p  
Plus at the same time, his girlfriend like to take picture of him too!

I totally have no idea what am I pointing to, all I know is that the wind is  
Very big and my hair is super messy. But I don't care because this messy 
 hair can prove that it is really windy. 

 Childhood Memories - Underwater World 

 Pardon my messy hair because I have no patient to wait for the wind to stop and take picture again ! 
I am starting to get tired and I just want to hurry up head down to Sea Aquarium to rest ! 

Yay ! Finally here at Sea Aquarium! 
Check out more about the pricing here at the website here:

 The price is stated as shown on the screen 

 Boyfriend is having fun striking different poses

 Dear is super strong ! 
Need to carry all my heavy stuff and still have the energy to play around like a boy! 
Salute you, my commander boyfriend! 

 Here we go 

Scroll down for more picture of the fishes found inside: 

It looks like mini shark but it is not. I have totally no idea what it is. 
Look at the one on the top, it looks like staring at me

I want to bring home to cook and prepare my dinner 
It looks super yummy!

 Finding Nemo 

 Look Alike Dolphin 

 I just want to spend time with you and have you by my side will be good enough ! 

 Jelly Fish and King Crab 

 Ever since he step into Sea Aquarium area, his eyes is set on the Gelato and finally we finish walking. 
He is still thinking whether to eat anot because I am still coughing. 
At the end, He still give it in to his craving and we ahead to order! 

 Heading to visit Sentosa Merlion ! Check out the pricing List at : 

It is a nice background to take a picture.  

Too bad only both of us is around if not I will request someone to take for us!  

That's all for our sun-date! 


On Valentine day, Dear surprised me by showing up at Clementi MRT station with a paper bag. I was in shocked and surprise until I don't know how to express myself and plus he is also rushing to work! I thought he woke up early because he has a lot of work to clear. This boyfriend really very sweet! Woke up 5am or 5.30am to prepare breakfast and fruits for me! The star fruit he actually learn from You-tube how to cut and at the same time the sour plum powder is home-made one. I am really blessed! Thank God for you! 

 After Work, we meet before heading down to the restaurant that I told him I want to go. I saw my friend visit the restaurant and wrote that it is very nice. The Concept is something like Seafood in a bag. I always wanted to try but did not have that opportunity. So since there is a great deal, why not just go there and give it a try? No harm right? By the way, it is a halal restaurant ! So everyone also can come and try ! 

301 Canberra Road Home Team NS
During weekdays, there is no need for reservation. Only during weekend is needed. 
Check out more about them @ https://www.facebook.com/DuitSg/

 Only $19.50 per set! 
Super affordable compare to the rest that I can find! 

  We ordered two sets (Minimum Order) and we only be able to choose 1 sauce only ! 
We ordered salted egg - additional $2. In the end, we ordered one more rice because there is still seafood left for us to go with the rice. For me personally, I think the portion is just nice and I won't feel too hungry or too full, it is just nice. At the same time, both of us need to save our stomach and head down to eat LLAOLLAO before ending our date ! 

A lot of people around me say that aiyo you guys are still in the "honeymoon" period that's why he send you home to the west area even though he is staying in the far east. Let me proudly announced that till today 1 year 2 month together, he is still sending me back to my door step! Other than this, I also want to say thank you for loving me despite of all my flaws and I am looking forward to more Valentine day with you ! 
Thank You Dear ! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Flame Cafe

The Flame Cafe 

Level 1, 73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534818 
Nearest MRT station - Tai Seng (Circle Line) 
Tel : 6282 0251 
Email: sales@ffpcatering.com

Operating hours: Mon - Thur 9am to 11pm, Fri - Sat 9am to 2am, Sun 11am to 11pm 
If you want to make any reservation, please do so online because online booking got discount but unsure how much. I forgot to ask the counter lady ! 

My colleagues so sweet ! They arrange a farewell dinner for me during my last day ! We have no idea where to go, so she decided to search online and she found this cafe and decided to give it a try ! The place is easily accessible and it is just beside the MRT station. Please use the exist to go to the Breaktalk Hq (forget what exist is that). For us we walk one big round and all thank to Mu Lin GPS. 

This is the menu. Sorry for the blur photo. 
I will stated down what are the items we ordered and how much is it. 

Meat Combo $32.90 
Beef Tripe, Sliced Beef, Chicken Filet, Chicken Liver, Chicken Hotdog, 
Chicken Ham, Sliced Mutton/Lamb, Chicken Wings 
Herbal Tonic Soup $9.90 
Noodle $1 
Vegetable $4.90 x 2 qty 
Fish Paste $8.90 (MUST ORDER)!!!! 
Beer (Tiger Beer) $5 each 
Free Rice + Free Ice Water + Free Ice Cream 

The bill for this meal cost $ 96.25 including GST ! 3 person about $30 + each pax 
In conclusion, I feel that it is not worth because with the price we can eat more with different choices and better environment because the place we seated is super hot :( 

This is how it looks like when everything is all on the table ! 
Something special about this 4 tier steamboat is that they have cheese, another than that it is the same as others. I am not a fan of cheese but my other two friend totally enjoying it ! 

Thanks for the farewell dinner :) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Overnight Oats

I have been eating Overnight Oats for about 6 months since last year and till today I am still getting use to it. As usually I will have craving for other kind of breakfast like Nasi Lemak , Egg Prata or even those noodles where I can add chicken wing ! I am trying to eat it from Monday - Friday and weekend I can just eat anything and everything.

Based on the goggle answer on what Overnight Oats is - Overnight Oats are just Oats soaked overnight that absorb liquid you put them in - any kind of liquid that you like.

Let me guide you what ingredient you need to purchase before preparing your overnight oats:

1.      Organic Oats 500g 

Photo credit to Goggle 

- For first timer, you should get 500g to try out first before purchasing 1kg as you might not know if you were to like the oats you buy. There are different kind of oats in the market. Currently I am eating the Organic Rolled Oats (regular) from Anzen and it can be bought from NTUC ! I also bought baby oats from Dr Gram and this brand can be purchase online from Lazada.sg and Redmart.sg 
- Oats is a type of cereal grain. The health benefit includes healthy heart, diabetes control, and a reduction in hypertension, cancer prevention, and increased immunity.

2.      Soya Milk 

Photo credit to Goggle 

- I will always purchase the Soya Milk from NTUC because they always have discount for 2 packet! The brand I bought is called Nutri Soy Almond, less sweet or the normal one. There is also another brand introduced from my friend is Fresh Sobe Soyabean Milk - this brand I didn't see it from my house NTUC but I know BigBox at Jurong East got sell this brand as I purchase from there before too ! 
- Some people cannot take Soya Bean Milk so can try out those HL Milk! If cannot intake Milk, I think you can try adding Greek Yogurt (Not Greek Style).

3.      Chia Seed 
- I bought Chia Seed from online because retail store is really expensive. I bought my chia seed from Nutristic.sg . 500g for 
$16.90 and if you are a account user for shoppee sg app, you can get it for $12.90 only plus free delivery! The chia seed is good for Skin & Aging, Digestive Health, Heart Heath, Help Treat Diabetes, Boost Your Energy & Metabolism, Stronger Bones, Build Muscle & Lose Weight, Dental Health, Fight Breast and Cervical Cancer based on my goggle research. Not sure how true is it but I think it is worth the try! 
- Do note that it is advice to consumer 1 and a half table spoon of Chia seed will do!

4.      Fruits 
- These are the fruits that I will add:  Banana, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Dragon fruits. 

The bottle that I have currently is this two: 

You can just purchase it at Daiso!

How to prepare Overnight Oats? ( It is very simple)

1. Pour in any amount of Oats you want to eat 
2. Pour in Soya Milk above the line of the oats 
3. Pour in 1 table spoon of Chia Seed 
4. Mixture it well 

Put inside the fridge and only take it out the following day in the morning! 

5. Cut fruits (Banana,Blackberries,Blueberries,Strawberries, Dragonfruits etc) into small piece. These are the fruits I will put in 

Once added, I will put my bottle into my cooler bag and bring it to work! When I feel like eating, I just eat it!
Do let me know if it works for you! Feel free to comment below to ask me question or email me at tingting_6765@hotmail.com I will try my best to answer you as I am not an expert in this area.