Friday, July 29, 2016


This is my first time visiting cafe in Bangkok. Every time when I come Bangkok, I will always go for shopping only and seldom check out other things. This time quite happy and excited because both my friends will be joining us for the rest of the days spend in Bangkok ! 

First cafe we checking it out is TRUE LOVE CAFE

Address: 153 Soi Ari Samphan 2, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 Thailand 

Operating Day and Hours : 
Monday CLOSED 
Tuesday 12 - 4 pm 
Wednesday 12 - 4 pm
Thursday 12 - 4 pm 
Friday 12 - 6.30 pm 
Saturday 12 - 6.30 pm 
Sunday 12 - 6.30 pm 

Entrance Fees : 350 Baht equal to 14 Singapore Dollar including 1 cake and 1 drink 

While we are waiting for the cafe to be open , we spend some time taking photo together ! 
I look really tan especially standing in between both of them. 

The first thing he say to me when he see me is " Wow you become bigger" ! 
Super funny guy and don't be shocked that he is the one who requests to have these two poses. 
Ops , I hope it does not scare you away. 

Pay the entrance fees first before heading in. 
Not forgetting to sign a form too ! 

I am in love with the interior design 

Sala Syrup with lime and soda 
If you love sour stuff like me , you should order this ! 

Before we can play with the dog , everyone have to wear this cute little plastic shoe and wash our hands with water and soap. Play safe in case the dog caught some bacteria from us as you know we keep touching things here and there. 

Everyone is paying attention to the video. 
It tell us the do and don't and also introduce the dog to us. ( Their names ) 

Scroll down to see those doggies 

Feeding them eating ICE ! 
I never knew that Dog love ICE , this is something new I learned. 

Such a beauty ! 

Walk like a model 

Failed group photo with the Dog 

One of the successful selfie with the Dog and this is also one of my favorite photo

This dog quite sad . He cannot get to eat ICE because of the thing it is wearing. 

Resting like a BOSS 

Different cake to choose from 

Ordered Ice Cream Cake and the normal cakes 
Usually for theme cafe , it is always a norm saying that the food is not nice but surprisingly 
the food , the cake and the drink turn out to be more than what we expected. 

We have a lot of fun and it will be worth coming here for the first time ! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It's been a while since I last blogged especially when I am occupied with my work , school, Dragon-boat, church, family and not forgetting my boyfriend. Even though I seldom blog now , but I am still quite active on my other social media platform like Instagram , Facebook and not forgetting Dayre. 

 Today I decided to start blogging because I want to share my recent Bangkok trip with everyone. Finally a break from everything in Singapore. Especially work and study non stop. The other time I was still telling one of my friend that ever since I started working, I need to at least go overseas 1 time in a year to pamper myself and relax. I am targeting to go Taiwan next year , so in order to achieve that I need to start saving now because I am bringing my daddy along with me ! 

Was supposed to go Bangkok with a group of friends but plan failed so at the end I went with Joycelyn only. We book the ticket about 2 - 3 months in advanced. Book the ticket first then we can start planning ! Can you imagine both of us keep counting down to our first ever overseas trip together ? THE DAY HAVE FINALLY REACHED ! 

Thank Uncle for fetching both of us to the airport early in the morning. Didn't manage to eat MAC breakfast because we were rushing for time. So at the end , we decided to have our breakfast settle in Bangkok instead. 

Few hours later , finally we touched down to Bangkok ! Went to purchase the local sim card and quickly inform our love one that we reach safely. We actually bought this local sim card called " dtac" and pay 299 baht - 7 days of data usage. This sim card brand is actually recommended by Tripadvisors. Worth the try ! If you have other brand that is good , please feel free to comment at this blog post ! 

Happy girls in the Taxi heading to our hotel ! Since we are unable to check in our hotel room yet, we set off to have our lunch + do some light shopping ! 

Despite coming to Bangkok for many times , I have never tasted SOI 19 noodle before ! So Joycelyn decided to come here for our breakfast CUM lunch. I have seen online review stating that it is very nice and there is also comment that saying it is not nice. So today I am here to try it out myself ! Hopefully it don't disappoint me! 

 Forget how much is this but this dish is super good ! Love the meat ! 

Quite disappointed with the portion and I think the taste is SO - SO only ! I think is ok to come here and try 1 time if you have not tasted before. but if you were to ask me to come 2nd round , I don't think I will want it . 1 bowl 100 baht - about 4 sing dollar. 

Pratunam Morning Market - outside Baiyoke Sky hotel 
Walking distance from Soi 19 wanton noodle store. 

Didn't manage to see anything I like. I just bought 1 top and 2 shorts. The reason is because the size is way too small for me. I think is time for me to shop in US instead of Bangkok because that side I can definitely got my size and might not know is the smallest size. 

View from my hotel room 

Looking forward to sleep on the comfortable bed and enjoying the air con especially in such a hot weather. I should enjoy now before I head back to Singapore as my air con in my room is down :( 
No point repairing since I am moving next year . 

Enjoy some street food and bazaar opposite BIG C ! 

Didn't do much on the first day because the rest of our 4 days we will be spending most of our time visiting different cafe and shopping at different area with two of our friends who is coming to BANGKOK too ! Stay tune to my blog for more interesting post !