Friday, December 02, 2016

AMperkz Lifestyle App

Nowadays, everyone including myself is so into our mobile phone and every month I have been using more than 4 GB means that I have to pay additional $11 on top of my normal plan. So this month I just upgraded my data plan from 4 GB to 7 GB which cost me additional $6 per month! For me I think it is really worth it because I am busy with so many things on hand especially work, school and training. Most of the time during travelling on public transport I like to use my phone to download documents or my study notes to read on the go or even shopping online and even checking out the places I would like to go for my lunch or dinner. I believe this is very familiar to everyone. Where to go for lunch or dinner is always a big problem for everyone especially for me and my boyfriend. All the time we’re not sure where to go for dinner and in order to solve that problem we need to take out our phone to key in the shopping mall that we want to go and search for their directory. It is really a lot of work to be done and it is really bad especially when the website is loading super low. After sharing all these, you will know why I need to have this app that I am going to share below. 

Photo credit to : AMperkz

Recently, I have been introduced to this Lifestyle App called AMperkz which is a shopper rewards programme from AsiaMalls!  AsiaMalls consist of Hougang Mall, Liang Court, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza, White Sand and Century Square. All of the malls mentioned is really far from where I am staying but my lovely boyfriend stay in the east side. Every time before visiting him, I will go get some food to bring it up to his house and I will usually use the app to check out what are the stores available in White Sand so I can decide what to get for him on the train.  This actually cut down a lot of thinking time as I just need to go down, buy, grab and go. Other than being able to access the stores available, I can also check out the different offers available!

Who don’t like OFFER, you tell me! After I clicked on the offer section, there is a long list of current/upcoming offer like Cotton On Black Friday, DENIZEN festive promotion, Sakae Sushi Lunch special ETC. The list does not just share with you what festival promotion they have, but they really give you an idea what to expect. Let’s take Cotton On Black Friday for example, Tops from $10, Shorts from $10, Denim from $15 and Dresses from $15. We don’t need to be physically there at the shopping mall to know what great offer they have. We can always check it out from our phone before heading down!

The upcoming festival is Christmas! All the Christmas decorations are up and everywhere you go, you’ll hear Christmas songs being played. Christmas is about loving and giving. You can take this opportunity to take a look at the offer and go grab some awesome gifts for friends and family. Other than just festival offers happening, there will be a lot of exciting events coming up in different malls. I know every Christmas there will be musical events - Singing and Dancing. Not just Festival events only, they provide free hearty workout (Zumba & Piloxing) too, you can check the link here. This is really exciting.

You can go down to the mall just to have that free session and after exercising can head down to NTUC! A big shout out to all NTUC member, for every $1 spent, other than points from NTUC you can also get AMperkz points too! Every $1 you will get 1.5 AMperkz points and after you accumulate 1,000 points you will get an $5 AsiaMalls e-vouchers and what's better is that during your birthday month you will be able to get it double! I cannot wait for December to come because it is my birthday month! I can get double points! YAY!

During weekend, families who want to go to NTUC to shop for grocery, don't worry about the availability of the Car park lots because by using the Lifestyle App you can instantly just check without the need to go there physically. The Lifestyle App can also show you the price of each entry. Everything you need, is available in the app! 

For the points system, AMperkz also allow you to accumulate points and you get to redeem e-vouchers from AsiaMalls every $20 you spend! All you need to do is to scan your receipts (It is very important to show the shop name) and the system will do the rest for you. Once you reach 1000 point you will walk away with $5 AsiaMalls e-vouchers. I believe all these things have already WOW you and you will not expect there is a Lifestyle App like this to ease your trouble for going down to a shopping mall with disappointment right?

Apart from the event and entertainment features of the app, let me share with you another highlight of AMperkz Lifestyle App and this is one of my personal favorite sub out of all the available choices to click on.



I can just make a reservation or E-Queues on the Lifestyle App itself! It can help me save time! 
Other than just standing outside the restaurant place to wait for my turn, I can just shop around to get the things I need or do some window shopping to kill time instead of doing nothing unless my feet hurts after a long hours of standing at work and I don't mind just sitting outside the restaurant place to wait for my turn to be called. This is really damn cool! 


DOWNLOAD AMperkz app from Goggle Store for Android user

And for Apple user you can download this app too by clicking the link below: 


Sign up at the AMperkz website at the link below: 

Go straight to the customer service counter to sign up an account! 

Enjoy using the Lifestyle App and accumulate as many points as possible and redeemed your e-vouchers and just spend on whatever you want! SIGN UP TODAY! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Thanks Jasmine for the running bibs and this will be my first time running 10 KM Great Eastern Women Run ! 
Quite nervous about it because I have not been running due to upcoming exams ! 
But few days before the run, I actually did a short run at my house area for about 5 KM to try out my new shoes from BROOKS ! Searching high and low for the right running shoe for my feet as I really need a good support for my feet. 
During my last run, I actually worn my normal running shoes for 21 KM and trust me , after 10 KM my whole left feet hurts and the next 12 KM is torturing man. So I tell myself that I need to buy a new running shoes before heading to the next run ! Even though pink is not my color but I have no choice because this running shoes is really comfortable ! 
Hopefully it will support well and I will have a joyful 10 KM Run ! 

The day before the race , after church service I went home straight to have a early rest as I want to be in a good condition to run ! Woke up at around 4.30 am wash up and get a car from UBER app . Usually I will compare price from GRAB and UBER and whoever is cheaper I will proceed with it ! Thanks God for $3 off discount and total ride cost me about $17 + . Once I reach, I follow the crowd flow and meet my Dragon-boat mate PO. She will be running for 10 KM too and this is our first time running together, what I mean is start together at the starting line not running together for the 10 KM because she is way too fast. For my previous personal best timing for 10 KM is only 1 hour 10 mins and hopefully I can break my personal best timing. For others , it may not seems important but for me is just breaking my own record and personal achievement ! Just love the feel ! 

About 6 am , we slowly move to the starting line and getting ready for the 10 KM journey ! 
The different color balloon in-front indicate different pacer. Different pacer will have different timing 
and the one I will be following is 1 hour. I will try my best ! Only less than 2 - 3 KM , I start to feel tired and my left
 feet is acting up so I decided to give 1 hour a miss and I just run at my own pacer and try to hit my personal best timing. First 4 KM was a painful run but after that when I get use to the pacer , I can run quite well and when I reach about 6 KM I saw 1 hour 10 min pacer and I get panicked because If they are in-front of me means that I won't be able to hit my PB. So I just run closely with them and I keep chasing and chasing and chasing until I reach 8 KM ! In my mind , I was telling myself "WOW ! so fast ah , left 2 KM only " and I just want to get to the finishing line ASAP. But guess what ? 2 KM seems to be very far away. At the last turn, 1 hour 10 min pacer were in-front of me and I was like "SIAN, confirm cannot hit PB liao" !  The next moment I saw the finishing line, I just increase my speed and give my 100% all out and when I look up at the timer I saw 1 hour 8 mins ! I was so happy and I am glad that the last stretch I did not give up ! 

After collecting my finisher medal , I just find a place to rest and enjoy my favorite yogurt ! 
This brand is really nice and not that sweet too ! Blue berry Greek yogurt ! I am going to NTUC to shop for this Yogurt ! 

Look at my happy face ! 

Congratulation to PO for hitting her personal best too ! Less than 1 hour ! 

I must really salute this lady beside me - Gladys Teo (The official Pacer for 10 KM ) 
I still remember she cannot run much because of knee problem and this year I started to see her Instagram
 flooded with photo of her running with her friends and BANG next moment she is training to become 10 KM pacer ! 
And SHE DID IT ! So proud of her ! 

 Photo credit to Great Eastern Women Run Photographer ! 

I really enjoy the run !  There is no congestion and there is a lot of running space. 
The water point is sufficient too and it is not crowded ! 
I can say it is really a well organized event and I would like to participate again next year ! 
Any ladies out there would like to join me ? 

Monday, November 14, 2016


115 Aljunied  Avenue 2, #01-35 Singapore 380115 
Contact : 6747 8558 
Operating Hours : Monday - Sunday 11am - 12am 

How to get there : 
Take a train down to Paya Leba MRT station and walk to the destination for about 10 minutes 
I will advise you to use goggle map to get there as there is a lot of turning. It is a hidden gem. 

This is how the cafe looks like. 

The place is really big where customers  can choose to seat indoor or outdoor . 
For me personally I prefer to seat in order so that I can enjoy the air conditioned. 

Ice Thai Milk Tea ($2.50) 

A must order drink every time when I eat Thai food. I am a huge fan of Thai food. 
I have drank a lot of Thai Tea  from different place before in Singapore and I can say that this is so far one of my favorite Thai Tea. 
Love the strong and thick taste of the drink ! 

My partner of the day Angie is busy browsing through the menu ! 

Deep Fried Kang Kong ($10) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND

This is one of the dishes where it is left almost empty ! I am not really a fan of Kang Kong because it is always spicy but the Thailand style is very different . They fried the Kang Kong instead and it is not spicy at all ! Those who are not really a fan of vegetable you can try this dish because it does not have that vegetable smell or taste ! 

Northeastern Thai Style Mango Salad with Fermented Fish and Crab  ($10) 

I am also a great fan of Thai style mango salad and this is my first time trying out something that it is different from the usual salad. I think this dish is way too spicy for me after a few mouth and I stop eating. The mango is a bit sour and the sauce is sweet and spicy. If you can take spicy, you will properly enjoy this dish so much better than I do. 

Cha OM Thai Dill omelette ($10)

A omelette filled with different kind of vegetable and for someone like me who choose meat over vegetable also enjoy this ! Worth the try ! The vegetable goes well with the egg. 

Claypot Coconut Tom Yum Soup ($18)

Not very spicy and there is really a lot of ingredient inside - Prawns and various ingredient !
 It is different from what I drink from outside . 

Lala clams bee hoon ($18) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND

I LOVE THIS DISH A LOT ! This is one of the dishes I can say that I ate the most ! Even though there is small chili here and there but it is not so spicy till I cannot handle it . The Bee Hoon goes super well with the sauces and it is so smooth inside the mouth and the clams is super yummy ! Just by typing this right now make me crave for this dish ! Does spicy Thai Thai Cafe have delivery services ? Can send to my house now ? 

Hommok Thai Style Otak ($18)

Unique dish and the taste I really have no idea how I should describe. 
It is just so special that I cannot use words to describe it . 


It goes so well with the sauce and the meat is so tender and i think it is important not have the oily oily feel !  
Looking at those " burnt" part, surprisingly it is not hard as those you eat from the normal pork store , the burnt part  does not taste burn ! I wonder how they did it ? 

Jade Noodle ( $12 ) - NEW ITEM ! 

Not my type of dish and I didn't really enjoy much .
 It tasted something like those Japanese or Korea cold noodles. If you are a fan of cold noodle you will like this , if not you won't enjoy much like me. 

The amount of foods on the table is really a lot ! 
Can you imagine there is 5 ladies and 1 guy finishing all these portion ? 

Thai Walking Catfish with spicy lemon soup ($35) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND

The fish is super fresh and they cook it with charcoal ! Where you can find dishes nowadays that cook with charcoal ! 
The sauce goes very well with the meat and the sauce can mixed it with the rice ! It taste so good and the ingredient they used really a lot and it make me feel like I am eating a home cook food. 

Busy snapping all the photos and post it on various social media 

BBQ Japanese Squid ($20) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND ! 
Price - seasonal price

After eating the main dishes , it is hard not to order dessert to try ! Scroll down to see the various dessert available ! 

Lemon Grass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi ($3) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND

Looks so good right ! 
It feels super refreshing after drinking this and I just love the taste of the Aloe Vera ! 


Topioca in Coconuts milk ($4) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND


Sticky Rice with Mango ($8) - STRONGLY RECOMMEND

Thanks Denise for the invitation and glad to meet the rest of the bloggers ! 

You can check out Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Face book @ this link : 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Flea Market at Lucky Plaza

While I am travelling in Bangkok with my friend Joy, she was telling me that she has a lot of clothing at home that she never wear and would like to clear everything. So since I am also wanting to clear my stuff especially when I am moving out next year, so why not both of us just rent a flea market booth ? Since the past years, I did sell my stuff in flea market and so far the response is very good and I did enjoy what I am doing. So we decided to proceed with the booking of the flea market which is happening on 16 October 2016 from 12pm - 7pm ! 

Lucky Plaza Level 6 beside Jollibee ! Maybe can eat that after having flea market ? 

Above are my booking details and each booth on Sunday will cost $160 which means both of us each will pay $80 ! It is much more expensive than before, but no harm trying right ? Since both of us just want to clear all our stuff ! My booking supposed to be earlier but since my friend is unable to make it , I quickly email the person and next moment they replied ! They mentioned that we are allowed to change , if not I think I will be holding flea market alone.  Flea market must do it with friend then will be fun ! 

Looking forward to flea market as I can clear all my unwanted stuff and earn some pocket money for myself too ! No point keep all the stuff at home as it will not change into gold. Therefore, it is a good idea to sell it all at a reasonable price. 

Last weekend, I already started packing because at the same time I am clearing my rooms especially my cupboard, so why not take this time to choose what are the things I want to sell at the Flea Market. The morning before I set off to the flea market location, I woke up early to unpacked my other side of cupboard whereby I have a lot of brand new shoes and bags to clear. Not as many as I thought , so after a while I am done packing and this is how it looks like. I am wondering how am I going to bring down alone ? I try to make sure I carry my bag pack well and the rest I will just hold onto it since I am not going to take public transport ! 

In the past, I will take public transport but this time round I am sharing Uber with my friend and each person will need to pay $11 only. Not super expensive and I got to aim to earn more money to cover the rental fees and most important is the Uber fare. 

Thanks sister for finding me masks ! Based on the past experience, I knew the place is going to be super dusty and without the masks I will sure come back home having bad running nose and slowly I will start falling sick. Now is the period I cannot fall sick when I have so much assignment to do and exam to prepared ! 

Reach at Lucky Plaza @ 12 pm and by the time I reach level 6 it is already 12.10 pm ! The amount of time waiting for the lift is crazy, so we decided to take the lift down then up again . Typical idea ! When we reach level 6, I was totally lost and unsure where is it as there is no super huge banner that will guide us to the place. I AM SO LOST ! So I decided to find the place myself ! Thank God I manage to see an empty table beside the first store and I went to chop it before calling Joy and Dear over. The amount of people is crazy but the purchasing power is not as high as before.

At the beginning, we sell everything from $5 - $10 ! But after 1 hour 30 minutes have passed, we decided to drop down to sell $2 each instead ! I think we are smart to go with the strategy because that is when most of our items are sold ! Our neighbor told us that we slash the price down too fast already and I told them that we just want to clear and go home. Slowly people around also start selling $2, they must also know that the customer will only buy those cheap stuff which cost $2, $5 above is way to expensive for them unless the thing is very unique. 

All the way selling $2 until last 1 hour before 5 pm , we slack it to $1 each ! I hope the neighbours beside us don't hate us because we just want to clear all our stuff and leave the place ASAP because it's super dusty and I need to wear a masks on. If not, the next moment I will have flu :(  

It's great to meet really nice neighbor during Flea ! They offer me this sandwich despite me rejecting them. Sandwich not enough, still offer Fish ball ! It is good to have really nice neighbor which make your flea market more fun and interesting ! 

Joy and Myself :) 

My Feedback

Personally, I am quite disappointed how FLEAWHERE organized the whole thing. The space in between the booths is so squeeze and it cost $160 ! I think only at least 2 person can stand inside and rest of the additional have to head off to drink coffee. This is what happened to our Boyfriend and also one of my friend Kim who came down to show her support ! Thank You ! I hope the organizer can improve the booth spacing, I know you want to earn more money and put more booth inside a small space but must be reasonable ma.  At the end of the day is US who is going to share our experience with family and friend and with this kind of bad experience I don't  think I will  come back for a second round. 

Our very nice neighbor and nice meeting both of you !