Tuesday, July 25, 2017


 Thanks Lincoln from Coffeetearunners for letting me try out STARBALM Warm 
and Cold Spray. I get to use it not only for running but also Gyming and Dragonboating ! 

STARBALM (Red in colour) – Warm Spray
Warm spray is used before workout and it helps to warm up the muscle  

STARBALM (Blue in colour) – Cold Spray
Cold Spray is used during or after workout and it helps to relax the muscle

STARBALM warm and cold spray is in 150ml and it is easy to carry it around.
 Look how happy I am to be able to review these products!
 It allows me to share with my fellow readers especially those who are into exercise 
and those who are not into exercising, this can be useful for you too. 

I been using the spray close to a month now. I love the STARBALM warm spray because it REALLY WORKS! 5 to 10 mins before the run, I will spray on my thigh and calf area to warm the muscle out before I head off to run. Especially nowadays with so much commitment on hand, there is only a little time for me to run before doing other things. Therefore, if can I will want to warm my muscle through spraying instead of stretching as sometime you might overstretch and injure yourself. After 5 – 10 mins, I will feel the heat on my spray area and no matter how fast or how slow I go without stretching, during or after the run I won’t feel any discomfort or cramps! It feels really good! 

The hotness can be well handled and it only last for a while (this is good for people who cannot handle the hotness). But nevertheless, the effectiveness of the products is still going strong. 

There are two outcome for the STARBALM Cold Spray. When I don’t used the warm spray before the run, I won’t feel anything on the spot. The Cold Spray is actually to help your muscle relax so that the next day still can walk properly without feeling much of the aching. I totally need this for my 21 & 42km run!

When I use the warm spray before my run, I can feel there is a mixture of cold and hot on and off. The feel I only can used one word to describe - relax. After bathing, the feel is still there and I just want to jump onto my bed immediately to rest my feet and my body! You need to get one and try it out yourself! 

Don’t judge me please. I actually bring STARBALM Warm and Cold Spray when I go to the gym! I don’t just use the spray on my legs but I used for my arms too. Surprisingly, my arms feels so much hotter than my legs. The effective for both area are the same just that maybe my arms is more sensitive. And during my weekend water training for Dragonboating, I use warm spray on my arms and legs as we do not have time to stretch before heading down to water. So this is the instant solution! 

STARBALM warm and cold spray does not only comes in spray form but also in Gel form.
I have not try yet, maybe I can try for my next run and will share my review on my Instagram!
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If you are interested to get STARBALM warm and cold spray, you can purchase here -  STARBALM

Do note that this is not a paid post and everything written is based on my personal opinion! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Turn Your Home into a Gym

Turn your Home into a Gym

Few people have the time or money for gym visits and expensive memberships. So what can you do if you want to exercise to lose weight or stay healthy? Get some natural food and ingredients from organicmate.net, and check out the following tips on how to exercise naturally by turning your home into a gym.

You don’t need to have a full staircase, as many exercises can be done with one or two steps. Whip your lower half into shape ascending and descending, squeezing your glutes as you go. Do your chores and work your upper body at the same time by carrying your laundry with you, raising it above your head.

Skipping Rope
If you have kids, you probably have a skipping rope. It’s not just fun for them, but can be a great workout for you. All you need is a bit of space and coordination. Make it fun by trying to recall all those old rhymes you used to say as a kid.

A Wall
Pick any flat wall in the house and do some squats. Make sure your back is completely straight and touching the wall. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend down with your knees until they are at a ninety-degree angle, holding the pose for up to a minute at a time. This will help tone your legs and torso.

This can be your kitchen counter, your bathroom counter, your dining table, or any moderately-tall surface. If you are starting to do push-ups, using a surface like this can help you work up to one on the floor. Stand away from the counter and make sure to place your hands shoulder-width apart on its surface.

Yes, even a couch can be used to exercise! Lie on the floor with your feet on the couch. Slowly raise your butt towards the ceiling.

Tone your arms with an exercise using just a chair. With your back to the chair, lower yourself and place your hands on the seat, facing forward. Bend your elbows and push back up. This can be done with your legs straight or bent at a ninety-degree angle.

Without furniture
For the next few exercises, all you need is a bit of space.
Run on the spot. Try and lift your knees as high as you can. Keep your back straight. Do this twice for forty seconds with twenty seconds rest in between.
Plank. Stretch out on the floor. Either hold your upper-body on your forearms, or raise yourself higher onto your palms. Keep your back straight and hold the position for up to one minute.
Mountain climber. With your hands on the ground, raise your lower body and pump your legs like you are running or climbing. It’s a great workout for your core and legs.

Don’t over-do yourself, stretch before and after, and keep yourself well-hydrated.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Mookata

* Do note that this is not a sponsored post and everything stated here is based on personal view

Happy Mookata 
Golden Mile Tower 6001, beach road #01-55D
Singapore 199589
Operating hours: 6pm-3am 

There is only outdoor seating available and if you are afraid of hot, I don't think this place 
will be suitable for you. The smoke will go right in-front of your face and you will feel super uncomfortable. 

Mon-Thur $24.90 
Fri-Sun $25.90
Free flow of drink $3.00
Overall, you will need to spend about $30 for everything. 

Whether to know is worth a not, scroll down to read and see more. 

 These are the seafood available. Out of the 4 choices, I only ate 3 except the prawns because 
I am too lazy to peel and moment like this I wish my boyfriend is here to peel it for me ! 

Coming to Mookata Buffet, should drink their Thai Milk Tea instead of other soft drinks !
 I am one of them who came here drinking the soft drink first before trying their Milk Tea.
 After the first cup, I went to fill up my cups with Thai Milk Tea and I did not regret the choice. 
The Thai Milk Tea is so good and thinking about it I have already finish about 3 to 4 cups ! Totally worth it ! 

Food choices they providing are 6 different types of meat, eggs, tofu, hot dog, fish ball, meat ball,
 corns, mushroom and many more others you can see from the picture above. If you look clearly
 at the picture, there is something that most of the Singaporean will buy back from Bangkok Supermarket. They won't buy just a few packet but in bulk purchases. It is actually the Maggii. 

Personally, I feel that the choices is limited. After a while, I feel bored about the meat and at the end 
I didn't eat a lot. Maybe just drink a lot of Thai Milk Tea and 2 Cups of Ice-cream that's all. 

My favorite chocolate and Raisins

 My Personal Review 

As you can see the metal cover can be very hot after cooking for sometime and thankful we actually shifted away from us at the beginning , if not we might burn ourselves if we are not careful. Starting when we are cooking the meat, my poor hands got burn by the oil and because of this I am quite afraid to do the cooking. Will it be nice if we can pay someone to do the cooking for us instead? After eating, I smell really like BBQ. Super strong and there is no pipe around to collect all the smoke. There is no way to take public transport home man, the people will suffer if they share the same bus or cabinet. My advice is to bring a set of new clothing and perfume. 

 The food choice is very limited but I think most importantly is the freshness. Previously when i ate mookata , I don't see any cheese but this time round I saw generous portion that is just enough for 3 person plus I am not a cheese lover so there is no need to ask for top up. If you are a cheese lover, you can eat all you can without topping up anymore money! Another thing that is super powerful is the chili sauce. I am in love with it even though I am not a fan of chili. 

Overall, I think their Thai Milk Tea and their Chili is the best. The food choice are so - so only. 
I will rate everything 7/10 ! 

I think is worth the try ! Come and rate it yourself ! 

 Cindy, Bettina and Myself :) 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Mizuno Wave Horizon running clinic

Thanks Lincoln from #coffeetearunners for the opportunity for me to be here to attend the running clinic by David Shum who is the Brand Ambassador of Mizuno and at the same time trying out the new shoes from Mizuno ! Going to wear Mizuno Wave Horizon for 5km run later
with the rest of the participants! 

Super excited to see how the shoes look like


I am in love with the combination color of orange and purple 
Can't wait to see how it looks like after putting on and the feel of the shoes! 
Those who don't know I have a low arch feet and for those unsuitable shoes my feet will hurt! 

David Shum start his clinic by introducing himself and slowly moving forward to share 
about different feet type. 

I knew mine was high arch because last year I went to Mizuno retail store at Velocity Novena Square #01-15 to try out their machine to understand my feet type and through the testing the report showing that my feet is low arch. If you are interested to find out what type of feet you are, feel free to check them out at their retail store. 

Which type of shoes is suitable for what kind of run? 

The right bottom shoes which is red in color on the screen, I have 1 in yellow color. I wore this pair to do light running in the gym and at the same time for fashion! The yellow pair is really pretty! Thinking of it, I indeed have a few pairs of Mizuno shoes! 

This is what so good about Mizuno Wave Horizon shoes! 

1. Wave plate 
- Cushioning and stability 

2. Snug fit 
- fit nicely to secure your ankle 

3. Stable ride 

4. Solid Construction 

Talking about the different runner's injury 

After sharing, we did some warm up before heading off to run 5 km! 

Let's go! 

David was sharing with us how we should run when running in a normal path and 
how we should position our legs when we running up slope. 

He demonstrate to us and everyone is paying attention to what he is doing. All of us absorb as much as we can so that later on when running back, we can put into practice. 

Running under such a hot weather can really drain myself out man. I think next time in order to fight those external factor I will need to listen to music. I need a new running ear piece, anyone got any brand recommendation? 

Worn Mizuno Wave Horizon for the run and use Garmin 235 to track my distance, 
timing and pace! Will share my review at the end of this post. 

David also show us some of the core exercise we can do that can help us in our running 

Photo credit to Lincoln! 
Pacer for this clinic from #coffeetearunners 

Photo credit to Andy 
Jump shot! 

Photo credit to Andy 
Picture with the participants for the clinic! 

Weekly Thursday run with #coffeetearunners at Vivo City boardwalk entrance at 7pm! We can be easily spotted with our super bright and nice #coffeetearunner tee! We are runners with different background coming together to achieve the same goal. You will not need to be a super-fast runner to join us because I also not a fast runner but I want to improve myself! So I have to always keep pace with the pacer and keep pushing myself out of my own comfort. I glad I did it to keep up the pace of 6.30 until the last lap! If I can do it, you can do it too ! You can drop me an email tiffanythedeepfriedtofu@gmail.com :) 

Esther and Myself 

Review on Mizuno Wave Horizon

To me, the design of the shoes is equally important other than just making sure that it fit my feet! The moment you wear it out of your house, it will represent you and the feel of wearing it's different. Something you are proud of. I believe all the ladies will know what I am talking about. Is like you buying a Prada bag and bringing out for shopping. The feel... That is what I am talking about! 

And also it is very important to know what type of feet you are in order to get the right shoes for you. If you have arch problem like me then I will need to find shoes which have more support. Previously, I did search high and low for support shoes that is suitable for my feet. I tried a few brand and their support is still not enough for me. I have no choice to get one that I feel it is the best. I wear it for run and I can feel the pain on my arch and pain coming from my low back. All the time during the run, I can feel the pain on my arch. It is no joke and this has been happening for almost a year. The only solution for this is to find the right shoes or get an insole. I worn Mizuno Wave Horizon to run and I don't feel any pain during the run but after the run I can feel a bit of cramp at my arch area. In order to "remove" the pain, I decided to get an insole support. 
The reason why I want to get the insole support is because the features of the shoes is really good and personally I really like the stability and snug it. I want to invest a bit to perfect the shoes for my feet. 

For those normal feet, you can totally tried this shoes out. It feels very different from other brands that I personally tried. My feet feel more secure and feel more stable when you run ! If you are interested in getting, you can get it from World Of Sports. 

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post and everything is written based on my personal opinion and experience. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Muar Camel Trails Run 2017

Muar Camel Trails Run 2017
4 June 2017 
Paid about RM 110 (forget the exact price I paid) and I am too lazy to dig out the payment slip! 
Convert to Singapore dollar it will be $35 for 22.195KM! 

I arrived in Muar on 3 June with a running group called RTW Run Trek Walk! 
Paid about $100 plus which include lunch for both days, dinner for the last day, 1 night hotel
 stay and plus transportation! Thanks Gladys for the intro if not I will need to plan 
everything on my own! 

After lunch, we head off to collect our race pack at SJKC Chung Hwa Ketiga! 

Most people here are all Singaporean 

Q half way and RTW in-charge say that we don't need to Q as the organizer already pack aside for us! 
Yay! But if you were to ask me to Q, I also don't mind as I want to see how their race bag collection is like! 

At the end of the day, I still went in to take a look! 
The race day schedule is stated on the board instead of wasting money in printing on paper. 
For me I will read as I want to know the schedule and most importantly is the running route.
 I always fail to find out where is the finishing line, if I know I can push myself to run faster 
and complete the race with the desired timing! 

My running singlet + running bid 
Ask for Female L size will be safest because I don't like tight fit or too short.
 I prefer big and long as I will be wearing running tights. 
Can cover up so that it will not look unglam! 
Female runners will understand what I am talking about. 

Happy girl after collecting the running bid! 

In Singapore, usually they have a lot of boots set up to sell stuff like running socks, running shoes etc 
but this time round I only manage to see Garmin Store that's all! Maybe this one is a small event 
that is why they don't have much booth. 

After collection of race bag, head off to Hotel!  

Golden Lake Hotel 
No 2 Jalan Rivera 1, Maharani Rivera Tanjung Agas, 84000 Muar, Johor Malaysia
There is a Giant beside our Hotel which mean shopping time! Cannot wait to upload my stuff 
and head off to shop at Giant. I love shopping at supermarket 

My boyfriend went crazy over Magnum Ice Cream! 
So cheap! RM 4.52 - $1.46 

Saw this really huge Pepero! 
Wanted to bring back to Singapore but I don't want to carry it with me
as I will be heading up to Melaka with boyfriend and his family!

Spotted 3 cow near Giant supermarket.
Enjoying their afternoon sun and eating grass 
Simple life 

Drama mama evening I have 
Waited for taxi almost 1 hour and I am feeling so tired. I just want to have my dinner early 
and go back hotel to rest for tomorrow run! Didn't much enjoy the dinner because wasn't feeling 
very well! After dinner, transportation back to hotel also mafan! Need to find taxi 
but street can find none. Went to few hotel to check and they told me no taxi available :(  
At the end, when we walk a bit far to other side I saw a taxi and ask him whether he can send 
us back to our hotel. He charge us RM 10, thinking back boyfriend and myself is quite brave to 
just board the taxi. The taxi is super run down and anytime it can just burst into fire. 
Thank God he drive us safety back to hotel! 

Thanks boyfriend for sayang me to make me feel better :) 
Only you can handle me! Thank God for you! 

Morning I wake up at 4.30am as the bus will be here at 5am.
The flag off will be 5.30am. This timing is for 22.195 km! 10km flag off timing will be different!
To be honest, I don't have the feel to run because it feels like I am in holiday!
 Where got holiday need to wake up so early one! Haha! 

#Coffeetearunners is here as Pacer 
First time seeing this kind of cute balloon instead of timing balloon! 

#Coffeetearunners is going to lead us in the warming up 
Did you spot my boyfriend on the stage? He will be pacing and I will be running! :) 
I cannot pace yet as my timing for 21km is not very good and I need to stop and walk.
 I need a lot of training before I can reach that stage! 

Starting line 
Everyone is getting ready to kick start the run 

The question is still running in my mind. 
Should I run for my personal best timing or should I do a relax run ? 

At the beginning I was following 2 hour 40 minutes pacer and I realize around 7 or 8 km 
I start to slow down and I decided to give a pacer a miss. I run at my own pace and of cos taking
 out my camera to snap picture here and there. 2 hour 40 minutes was my best timing for 21km 
and I realize that I shouldn’t have follow the pacer and do it on my own pace. Keeping a consistent 
pace is not easy. Salute to all the pacers from #Coffeetearunners. 

I was thinking of enjoying the run but when I reach a point where the amount of runners around
 me is getting lesser and lesser. When there is a group of runners heading to my direction I was
 thinking if they are 10KM runner, so I quickly follow one of the runner and check his bid. Heng ah 
he is also running the same distance as me. That is when I start to tell myself that I have to push 
myself to complete the run below 3 hour and at the same time enjoy the run too! 

 Kampong life is something that Singaporean can hardly see in our own country! 

 While running, can see cows and horses around. 
Look closely at the picture, did you see any brown color leftover? It is actually their shit! 
Other than just running, I will need to avoid stepping on them as everywhere on the running path has it. 

During the run, I keep taking picture and send it to my daddy to make him jealous!
Just staying in contract with my daddy despite being in Overseas. 
You can say that I am a Daddy girl! 

After knowing that I am quite near to the finishing line, I have to force myself to 
keep on running non stop all the way to the finishing line and there is the only place 
where I can really rest ! 

Based on my Garmin 235 I completed 22.37KM in 2 hours 54 mins and 46 seconds. 
Even though I did not hit my personal best, I am glad that I manage to complete
 the run and did it under 3 hours. I seriously need to train for upcoming runs! 

These are the list of my confirm runs!
Army Half Marathon
Great Eastern Half Marathon
Singapore Standard Chartered Full Marathon 

Thanks boyfriend for always so supportive ! 

Hello Wei Shan 

Hello Gladys 
Well done in coming 13th position for your 10km ! 

Made some new friends through this run :) 
Nice knowing all of you! 

#Coffeetearunners pacers getting ready for photo taking 

There is always a one person who will take picture of  #Coffeetearunners 
He is none other than Lincoln who is also the founder of #Coffeetearunners 

David Pong & Boyfriend 

Super cute medal ! 

After run, while waiting for the bus to come and fetch us back. We just seat down happily eating. 
Surprisingly there is a lot of things to eat. Watermelon, Papaya, bread and many more. 
But sadly, there is no Nasi Lemak ! I still hear from people that half way through the running route there is 
a stop where people can stop and eat Nasi Lemak. I thought that was interesting that why I want to come and experience myself. It is not true :(. I only see they serve pepsi drinks which is not very common. 

Lucky draw prizes are very attractive - Garmin Products 
Why I never win :(

After the lucky draw, we waited a while before heading off to take bus back to Hotel! 
Super tired! Can't wait to have a good bath and rest on the bed like a boss! 
We are going to check out the hotel at 12.30 pm and since we have time we
 just went ahead to massage nearby. Leg massage around RM 58 for 1 hour which mean $18.77.
 The whole massage process was painful till I don't dare to even shout. 
Only those area where I cannot stand pain, I will let the person know. 
After the massage is done, my leg feels that it has not run yet. Feel so light and comfortable. 

Before we head off for lunch, we went to get some local delights! 

Thinking of just getting one box to try on the spot and guess what? I am in love with the taste! 
It is so good that I bought two boxes of Durian and another box of mango! 
I can slowly enjoy eating it at my comfortable home. 

My all time favorite. I did not buy back. I just get the cooked one and eat on the spot instead! 

After shopping, we went off to have lunch and boyfriend relative came to fetch us and off we go to meleka ! 
Do stay tune to my meleka post :)